Elite Pyramid Flip Stand

Elite Pyramid Flip Stand

Elite Pyramid Flip Stand

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Elite Pyramid Flip Stand. Flip it, Secure it

Versatile and durable with room for your stuff

The Elite Pyramid Flip Stand solves the problem of hiding chords, USB hubs, power bricks etc, with a style all its own. 
The 120º adjustable viewing angle is perfect for capturing customer signatures and input seamlessly with our one-million cycles friction hinge.

Smart Hidden Versatility

The Elite Pyramid Flip Stand takes the mess of your public display by hiding it within the unit. Cords can be routed easily through the openings at the base. Metal construction assures that nothing will be removed — accidentally or not.

Extra security if needed

The base of the Elite Pyramid Flip Stand has “key-hole” cutouts that allow it to be attached to surface. However, for a secure installation, an additional mounting bracket is required. The security bracket (pictured below) is first secured to the desired surface and then the Elite Pyramid Flip Stand attaches to the bracket.