iPad Air Simple POS iDynamo Attachment

iPad Air Simple POS iDynamo Attachment

iPad Air Simple POS iDynamo Attachment

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A Simple Enclosures iPad Air Simple POS iDynamo Attachment Register solution – up and running in no time!

User-inspired Functionality, Card Reader Ready and Multiple Mounting Options

Look no further for secure, attractive and highly functional iPad Point of Sale Stand register enclosure and stand solutions for MagTek™ iDynamo, iPad Square stand Register™ and many other audio jack, magnetic strip readers (MSRs). Our newest mounting solution delivers on strength and beauty. Elegant, flexible and highly functional, this mount works well for both counter and wall applications. Create a simple kiosk by coupling the simple flip stand with one of our all metal security enclosures.

Audio MSR Enclosure

Provides all the security, protection, and superior functionality and we’ve added bracket mounting system that allows the enclosure to accommodate a variety of popular MSRs, or credit card readers that utilize the audio port on the tablet. Simply identify the card reader you plan to use and make your selection accordingly. You’ll get all the necessary support brackets and cabling to have your point of sale system up and running in no time. You will love the durability, additional security options and the unit’s thoughtful design– and the best part – no longer a need for additional credit card terminals!
Designed to Secure Many of the Most Popular Tablets in a POS stand Acer a-510. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Google Nexus 10 Tablet Enclosure allows for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G/4G connectivity Quickly accept credit cards and employ other apps as necessary Works with MagTek™ uDynamo, ID Tech UniMag II™, Square™, PayPal Here™, Intuit GoPayment™ Secures credit card reader to the tablet and prevents unauthorized removal