iPad Kiosk made by iPadSimple.com used by twine™

twineSTUDIO, LLC has created an innovative event-based social network called the twine™.

iPad KioskiPad Kiosk

The twine™ allows event attendees to connect and interact with each other via social networking without having to be permanently connected to each other like traditional people-centric social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The twine™ is anchored by the twineSTUDIO Photo Station using an iPadSimple.com Elite Kiosk; the world’s most portable, brandable and user friendly photo booth. Utilizing the mobile devices we all carry, event guests access the event photography through the twineLIVE Mobile App where they are able to interact with each other to view, take, share and comment on the fun event photos in real-time.

“As our social network is based on a mobile app ecosystem where the twineSTUDIO Photo Station uses a Apple iPad kiosk to take the photos, We needed to be able to house and protect our devices securely. Taking to the internet, we quickly discovered iPadSimple iPad Kiosk and determined that their products possessed most of the key features we required in an iPad enclosure: an attractive, contemporary design, a snug fit, access to the frontside camera, a lock for security and the ability to be mounted. As we were designing our mounting brackets from scratch, we opted to utilize the universal VESA mounting pattern available on the iPadSimple enclosures. We also required a few customizations such as restricted access home button and other minor adjustments. iPadSimple.com accommodated our needs quickly and affordably making the the entire experience pleasurable.” – Jon Hawker Co-founder of twine.it

iPad Kiosk

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