Multiple iPad Sculpture Array


Tangible Representations of Ideas or Concepts

Several months back, one of our designers, William Coburn, showed us a video of professor Walter Tschinkel making a cast of an Ant colony with molten aluminum. The resulting cast was not only beautiful, but an excellent visual tool for understanding how ants exist in their natural environment. We began to think about how iPads, already an excellent visual learning tool, might be able to function as part of a structure or an array that could mimic the form of what is being studied, developed or even conceptualized.  Concepts of iPad arrays that actually looked like the iconic DNA double helix, a globe or other visual representations of ideas immediately came to mind.

As a result of this exchange, iPad Simple in tandem with Hive 73, recently began working on a modular and scalable display method that will allow clients to securely attach multiple iPads or tablet enclosures into a stimulating visual array, providing an intriguing visible impact as well as dynamic digital content The impetus behind this new framework is to give our clients the ability to present complex ideas in an entertaining way, which will ultimately help with the audience’s visualization process by leaving a memorable and lasting impression.

This new Display Array design is capable of being configured in a variety of different ways that permit the display to visually emulate specific ideas or phenomena being presented, and provide multiple users interaction points.  The primary benefits of this new display method are that it is visually stimulating, scalable, and completely customizable.

Inspired? Intrigued? We’d love to hear from you regarding your ideas and to discuss how we can help to bring your vision to life through a structurally compelling, digital display.

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